Freida Kilmari, a fantasy author and poet, was born in Plymouth, UK, 1995. Reading has always been her passion, and soaking up every word fantasy has to offer has lead her into the world of writing. The wonder and magic fantasy brought to her life inspired her dreams and changed her future, giving her a sense of wonder that never left. She inspired to start writing poetry after falling in love with the works of greats like Edgar Allan Poe and Alfred Lord Tennyson. Eventually, this became a lifelong passion. After years of writing poetry, free verse, and various short stories, exploring writers like JK Rowling, Derek Landy, Sarah J Mass, and Cassandra Clare, she tried her hand at writing a novel, and a novelist was born. This is when Erimish, her first book, came into fruition—in the mind of an imaginative fifteen year old. She spent the better part of a decade building her skills alongside planing the Ennea Vasilea Universe, and learning the craft of writing, before deciding she was ready for the world to see her imagination.

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Freida Kilmari loves anything fantasy, and she mainly focuses her writing on that passion, but she enjoys taking things further and experimenting with trending topics in today's society, mixing genres, and crossing target audiences. It is because of this that she enjoys including LGBT+ fiction into her work, as well as environmental and political issues. Man VS Happiness, her debut book, focuses solely on a science-fantasy take of mental health issues. She believes that "readers are able to connect with issues better when you place them out of societal context. That way they can be analysed in a closed and safe environment". By taking books and movies such as The Perks of being a Wallflower, Love Simon, and A Song of Ice and Fire as inspiration, she has chosen to mix real-world issues with modern-day fantasy and science-fiction.