Adorably Diverse Romance

Featuring a deaf porn star and a 36-year-old socially recluse virgin, this romance will leave you swooning. Sign me up. I love original characters that represent varied walks of life.

Plot, Characters, and Romance

Rocco Moretti is a deaf porn star who has recently broken off a fifteen-year relationship with his interpreter. His interpreter (who is an utter asshole, by the way), left Rocco for his agent, who he ended up engaged to a few days later. Yup. Asshole. Being famous, the entire world is talking about it, so when a random fan messages him out of the blue (using sign language in a video message), he decides what the hell and replies. Cue whirlwind romance.

Simon Kadish is a socially awkward recluse, owner of a failing bakery, and is completely falling apart. His relationship with his brother is strained (at best), he never finished his degree, the bakery his aunt left him is in the black, and he has zero friends. Originally from Tel Aviv, he's jewish, and you get to really see his faith in this book, which I thought was beautiful. The romance was beautiful, understanding, and healing. The sex was okay (a little rushed and glossy for what it was, but it was okay). But the love story in this really shines.


This is set in a small town, so you get all the small-town vibes that I often live for. It really mimics the cute romance and the compliments the characters' personalties beautifully. The people in this town are amazing! They learn sign language basics when they realise that Rocco is staying, and it's super endearing. I love the townspeople in this.


The writing is okay. It's beautiful in places and dull in others. Grammatically speaking, I don't think the average reader will notice many errors, but there are some sentence construction issues that I'd love to fix. But the inconsistency in style drove me a little batty. And the sex scenes were quite told for filmed porn videos, so you don't get that delicious dialogue and emotional connection in quite the impact that you do with other books. Or maybe it's just because I read Show Me by Neve Wilder somewhat recently, and my bar for recorded sex scenes in books has been set too high. Either way, the telling and sentence construction issues were enough that I would remove a star and make this a four-star read.

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