An Awesome Romance in a Unique World

What a whirlwind. The world, the characters, the friendships and families, the budding romance . . . All create a perfectly balanced romance that I loved.

Plot and Romance

Cameron is a smart, geeky nerd with a passion for people. After doing a degree in engineering, his father wants to get him settled into a good job and start setting down roots. But Cameron is uncertain. So, what does any fresh-out-of-university person do? They go backpacking. On his journey, he lands in a small town in Germany for the Fire Dragon Festival, a festival celebrating the ancient race of dragons--now extinct. This is where our story starts. He bumps into the handsome, hot, flirty, and charming Alric while there, and they hit it off. But little does Cameron know that Alric is King of the Fire Dragons. And a species he once thought extinct is very much alive.

But the dragons are a dying breed. With the magics having gone underground after the old war, they can't reproduce anymore (Mage + Dragon = Baby). They might have exceptionally long lives, but they don't live forever. Eventually, they really will become the extinct legend humanity believes them to be. But not if Alric and Cameron have something say about it. Cameron is from a long line of mages (unbeknownst to him, of course), and he's determined to have Alric as his mate. Even if the king himself needs a little confidence boosting about the matter.

Side Note: Sexuality doesn't matter in this book since babies are made magically, rather than in the typical biological way we make ours.


Alric is adorable. I have a real thing for shy, unconfident men. And I think it's because you don't come across them a lot in romance. They're usually flirting and charming or overconfident assholes. But with Cameron as a hot nerd and Alric as an unconfident alpha, this hits the prefect spot for me. Like, seriously, they're perfect.

But this book has more than just their romance in. There's also Cameron's twin sister, who is a bubbly, lively, kicks woman I'd love to get to know (wink wink). She has her own romance with a strong female dragon. And Cameron and his sister have an amazing bond that is beautiful to watch. And don't even get me started on their grandmother. She's tough as nails and takes no shit from anyone.

The Fire Dragon Clan are also amazing. They're full of so many bright characters that are developed individually from the romance taking place. Friendships, family, romances . . . The characters are the highlight of this book.


This is set in our world, but an alternate version of it where dragons actually existed and are more than just myth. Though, they're believed to be extinct. Obviously, that isn't correct. They went into hiding after the old war. You have dragons and mages, and the mages are split into evil mages that want to see the dragons dead and the ones who support the dragons and choose to work and live with them, sometimes even mate with them.

This particular dragon clan is situated in Germany, and you get a real appreciation for German and and Germany's culture and atmosphere. Which I loved. It's always nice to see a book set somewhere that isn't the US or the UK.


I didn't notice anything terrible about the writing and very few errors. It's written in third person past tense and switches between Alric and Cameron, so you get both sides of the romance. Which I know everyone loves (as do I).

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