An Omegaverse Book I Loved

I do not like Omegaverse. Nothing against it, but it just feels forced most of the time. And I've read the big names of the niche. But this was fantastic! It felt so natural and right.

Plot, Characters, and Romance

One secret omega.

One secret alpha.

A whole host of drama.

And one epic romance.

For all of you who love drama, tension, angst, and things not being easy or straight forward, this is something you'll love. It's hard-earned, this romance. There are leftover feelings from exes, trust issues, friendship boundaries, jealousy from outside the relationship, and other-men drama (all above board). It was just what I needed.

I hate--and I mean HATE--easy romances. They're soooo boring. I want things to be hard. I want there to be drama. And boy doesn't this live up to that. Malcolm has been using suppressants for years to hide his omega status, but when his failing health catches up with him, he has to come off them. But this means the company his father owns (that he will one day own) and everyone in the office will know. He'll go from powerful alpha to weak omega. And he's not ready. He'll never be ready. But he doesn't have a choice. Not to mention the upcoming heat he has no one to spend with. That is, until Vincent, his teammate and kind-of friend, turns out to be an alpha after years of fooling everyone into thinking he's a beta. So they cut a deal. Vincent helps Malcolm through his heat.

But it's nothing more than that. They swear. And so they get on with their life. Until Vincent drags Malcolm to his ex-fiance's engagement party as his date (because Malcom so owes him from the whole omega heat thing). Everyone believes it. They believe it. But then the party is over and they have to go their separate ways. *sad face*

I promise there is a hard-earned HEA at the end.


I think one of the reasons I like this omegaverse book over the others I've read is that you really get the impression they're not human. Or they're alternative humans. They act differently, they have different behaviour patterns, and their societal structure is all weird and a/b/o, and you're really immersed in that. It's on every line on every page. The book doesn't break away from that immersion. This book wouldn't work as a shifter series, and it wouldn't work without the omegaverse world, so it felt natural.


I didn't notice anything worth mentioning here. It's not some flowery piece of art, but there are no errors, and it's neat and tidy in terms of style. A well-written book.

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