Best Book Series of the Year

If you like dark, twisted, hot romance books full of in-depth character development, world building, and plots, then you'll love this. I've read all three of the books out so far, and I'm hooked.

Characters and Romance

Matthew is a recently turned vampire whose sire abandoned him. He knows nothing of the supernatural world, the incubi vs vampire war, or anything else. He's been drifting in his world, hiding from everyone. Until one day he gets caught in a vampire trap by a particularly sexy incubi (even by incubi standards). Cue Tarrick. One of the more powerful incubi in his world. He captures Matthew, restrains him, imprisons him, and generally treats him like crap. Until he learns that Matthew is the impossible. Half vampire, half incubus. That shouldn't possible. But it is. And now Tarrick and Matthew must learn to trust each other if they are to survive what comes next. Matthew needs Tarrick--the incubi are ruthless and will kill him if given the chance. The only one stood in their way is Tarrick.

This is a dark romance, so some of you won't understand the allure of a captive romance, and that's okay. But if you do, this will not let you down. A phenomenal book. And in advance, I'm so sorry about the cliffhanger at the end of book three. But be glad we weren't reading it for the first time when there was only book one out, because man, I would have been pissed being left on that cliffhanger. I remember laying in bed at night, my husband on his phone next to me, and I threw my kindle onto my lap and took a deep breath. He asked if I was okay, and I had to say that I needed a moment. Or several. I was shook. Distraught. Terrified to pick up the next book.

BOOKS TWO AND THREE SPOILERS AHEAD: I am unsure if this will be an MM or an MMM. There are no indicators in the blurb or the front matter, and as far as I know, the author has not said anything on social media. I am intrigued to know. I really, really, really hope this doesn't turn into a love triangle where Matthew has to choose. I hate those. That will make me instantly put the book down. But who knows, maybe one will die. Maybe this will be poly. Yay for poly! That would be the cherry on top of a fantastic sundae for me.


An intricate world rich in history, culture, beliefs, old wars, new wars, several species, and the way each side works in unique. Some of the best world building I've seen in romance in a long time, and I'm seriously obsessed by world building, so that's a pretty tough spot to take.

Writing (negative criticism incoming)

This is the only section I have a complaint about. This series is rife with errors. There are hundreds in every book, from incorrectly used semi-colons, to incorrectly punctuated dialogue, to incorrect paragraphing, to incorrect use of conjunctions and their dependent/independent clauses and commas. I didn't report any because they were so numerous, so I just did my best to ignore them. But even if that were all fixed, the writing also lacked sentence-length variation and was therefore stiff and "un-nuanced", where every sentence was the same length. It made it sound droning. This did get a bit better as the series progressed. There were some beautiful quotes in book two that I loved. It took me until about 50% of the way through book one to be able to really sink into the book because it took me that long to learn to ignore the writing. I do see lots of reviews raving about the writing, but the Kindle Unlimited copies I read did not match other people's opinions. Take from that what you will. That being said, writing is not the be-all end-all of a book. It's just one piece of a much larger, more complicated puzzle. I never remove more than one star for bad writing. Not every book sees an editor, not every editor is good, some people can't afford professional editing, most books need numerous rounds, and none of us indie authors put our books through the same number of editing rounds as a big publisher. It costs big publishers upwards of £10k and months/years of work, if you're wondering about the reason. This is still a brilliant book. And I feel almost guilty for writing about this, but I do include sections about the writing in every review. Usually my reviews are not like this because I don't enjoy books with lots of errors (my editor brain can't let them go), so I don't usually finish reading them or review them, but this is the exception. This book was so good, I managed to switch off my judge-y, asshole brain and just enjoy the story, and it really does take some incredible storytelling to manage that. I bow down to the author's brilliance.

I do not have the words to convey how amazing this book is. Just go and read it.

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