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The Hitman's Guide to Making Friends and Falling in Love is everything you need in your LGBT+ Romance life and more.

Plot and Romance

This story starts when Leland, our infamous hitman, is staking out a target's house when he spots someone running through the garden and getting stuck on the fence, his ass on show to the world. Naturally, Leland zooms on his ass and gets obsessed with the man in question. That man is none other than Jackson, private detective, who consults with the local police department.

They both are on the Hardek case, a human trafficker. Jackson is out to help bring him him, but Leland is out to kill him--obviously. But Hardek isn't the only thing Leland is after. Jackson is a steady, straight-talking puzzle Leland is determined to crack. With his insanity, his bubbly chatter that never quits, and his obsession with sex jokes, he does eventually manage to get into Jackson's good graces. But it's a slow--painfully slow--ride.

I LOVED this romance. I'm definitely reading books two and three. This book had some funny moments, including a sex swing the couple fall through, some brilliant characters, and some heartfelt tearjerker moments, too. I'll be honest and say the sex was mild, at best. After all the wait, I was a bit let down at the lack of steam in the sex department. It's shown, and it's detailed, it's just a bit lacking depth, in my opinion. It kind of does that trailing off thing I hate, where it's great in the buildup, and then, BAM, done.


Leland is a whirlwind of crazy. An assassin, a chatterbox, and a comes-out-with-just-about-anything kind of guy. He's a brilliant character. Truly hilarious. I spent most of this book laughing my ass off. He really brings Jackson out of his shell too. They're the perfect balance.

Jackson is a hard nut to crack. He starts off quite hilariously immune to Leland's unique charm, but he cracks eventually. If Jackson was in a book on his own, I'd probably get bored, but he's the perfect partner for Leland. The author couldn't have picked a better choice.


I don't really have much to say here. This is contemporary, and it's pretty much your boring-old, bob-standard world. I think a massively strong setting would have drowned the unique characters in this case, though. So I think this regular backdrop was a good choice. You do get a look into working a private detective, but it's not massively detailed.


First person present tense (I think) that flips between the two main characters. My favourite kind! You know, I used to prefer past tense, but now I find it awkward to read and write. I have zero complaints about grammar and style. The rambling style thoughts throughout Leland's chapters were well done, and I think it really helped bring him to life.

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