Hottest Romance of the Year (so far)

This is a contender for the hottest book I have ever read. It's up there with Kit Davenport, Groupie, and Dark Orchid. Seriously, be prepared.

Plot and Romance

This was aaaaaamazing! I stayed up all night reading, and finally finished it early this morning. First time in ages since I've done that with anything. Sam and Jesse were so cute together. They complimented each other beautifully.

Sam is an amateur porn star via OnlyFans and PornHub. He films himself jerking off in public places and has a massive following under a screen name. He never films his face, so no one know who he is. Until Jesse watches one of his videos one night (after watching them relentlessly for a few weeks and becoming a bit of a fan) and notices something in the background he recognises. He knows it's Sam. It's awkward at first, but he eventually confronts Sam about it, and they laugh and get over it. Until Sam asks him if he wants to be him camera man. And boy does this story heat up from there. Eventually it becomes their account, sometimes featuring them both, other times just with Jesse ordering Sam around a bit.

I loved that Jesse got in on the action in this. I've read a few cam girl books and things like this before, and I'm always disappointed when they stop doing it for the other person. It always feels very forced to me. But not in this. Jesse finds it hot. Sam learns he's gay. They start doing it together. Then they fall in love. The sex positivity throughout this series is astounding.

This is a low-angst romance. Well, no angst, really. Personally, I missed the angst, but I knew going in that Neve Wilder was keeping this one low angst because it fit the characters. And it honestly did. Jesse and Sam are pretty chill outside of the bedroom, so it made sense that their relationship was chill as well.


Sam is really out there, on the football team, confident, and demisexual. But he's confused about his sexuality. He didn't think he was gay because he gave a guy a blowjob on a dare once and didn't like it. While drunk. Yeah, I didn't say he was the smartest cookie in the jar. But he's otherwise super stable, really communicative towards Jesse how his feelings, and he pushes them in a really open and honest relationship where they chat about things before they go wrong so not much falls out of the bag.

Jesse is a cute twink who loves to cook and is outgoing and upfront about his job as Sam's porn cameraman. He has a vision, and he isn't afraid or even once ashamed to discuss that vision. I just loved the communication throughout this book. It was wonderful to see. Besides from the absurd circumstances under which they meet, this is on the most realistic romances I've read. They act like real people.


This entire series happens in a university campus with no real interaction with the setting besides what's necessary. So the sense of place is a little lacking but not in a massive way because there's not a great need for it.


Ahhhh, Neve. I do love you. As usual, your writing was phenominal. One of those rare gems that manages to make a book as hot as it is emotional. Seriously, you are a star. I bow down to your excellency.

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