Intense, Taboo, Sexy, and Awesome!

Ever read a book and then told no one you even know of its existence, let alone that you've read and loved it? Yeah, this is one of those. I debated over whether to review it, but fuck it, you all know I'm a messed-up weirdo by this point anyway.

Plot and Romance

Karter, our main character, has a knack for not listening to his Alpha, getting into trouble, and then needing help to get out of it. And the money he owes to a local gang/mafia is the newest pile of shit he's managed to land himself in. But when he asks his twin sister for help, she refuses. She's marrying the Alpha now, and she needs to stand by her future husband's side. So Karter leaves. But he's soon picked up by his enemies and offered a deal he usually wouldn't say yes to. But he's desperate: homeless, penniless, in debt to mobsters . . . So he agrees to be a personal feeding bag to a local vampire coven. Yes, a werewolf feeding four vampires.

Cue the guys: a prince, a warrior, a workaholic, and a miscreant. This book is like supernatural BDSM, but gay poly. Karter has a supernatural pain threshold, the ability to heal as he goes, and is pretty kinky. So when I say this book isn't for the fainthearted, I damn well mean it. There are plenty of bad reviews for this book from people who bit off more than they could chew. But if you like supernatural BDSM, vampires, and blood play, then you'll LOVE this book. But as erotic as this book is, it's also got some really sweet moments that were perfectly juxtaposed. It's like the icing on top of a really good cake. Maybe strawberry and cream cake? Mmmm . . . Strawberries. Seriously, though, if this were contemporary romance, I would have noped the fuck out of there pretty quickly. But the complete abandon of realism due to the strong paranormal elements made this a rather fun and interesting read.


The leader of the vampire coven is Prince Weston. Insanely strong, a complete asshole Dom, but he's loving and cares deeply for Karter. He's the kind of Dom that takes his sub shopping, gives him a collar (which is hilarious considering Karter is a werewolf), takes his "pet" out for walks, and genuinely looks after him. He's also super bossy and has anger issues whenever anyone takes what is his. Including Karter. Axel (oh Axel) is the reluctant one of the group. He's our dash of angst. And you know how much I love me some angst and tension. He has a hatred for werewolves after having a lot of friends and family members die by their hands (he's very old). So it takes him a little longer to warm up to Karter than the other. But when he does, he has a real grovelling apology moment, and is super sweet to him.

Eddison is the vampire that brings the most intense of the sex scenes. He likes delivering pain. And he kills most of the human feeders they're given. Whips that actually cut into the skin, tongue-fucking open wounds until they heal (supernaturally, of course), and other ridiculous levels of BDSM. The do-not-try-this-at-home kind. He's also in charge of the finances and general running of the coven--kind of like a secretary--and has that suited-up, glasses-wearing vibe to him.

Braydon is my favourite of the troop. So I saved him for last. He's the youngest, and he looks young, too. (Of age, of course). He's sweet, needy, playful, and gives off a bit of a Twink vibe. He also subs for Karter, which I found a really nice change and variety compared to the others. I loved the balance this created. Some more bloody, violent play here, but this time it's Karter delivering it. And it's nowhere near as intense as the stuff with Eddison.


So, the romantic plot was good (albeit, very sex-oriented) and the character development was awesome, but the setting was . . . just okay. Parts were brilliant, but other parts could have been expanded on. You know how much I love world building, after all. The house they live in is amazing. It's huge, Karter gets lost a lot, and the book spends a good deal of time building this, which gave a very good picture for me. But the general supernatural world wasn't explained very often, and there wasn't anything about it that stood out. The potential was there, but it was never tapped into.


The writing was decent, but it could have had more depth to it. I'm not saying it needed lots of detail, but that the detail that was there could have been more shown, more explained, and more present. There was a lot of the good stuff (non-sex and sex alike) that was blurred over. This was written in first person and had multiple perspectives, but it was mostly Karter. The other guys were very much second to his POV chapters.

I cannot remember anything about the accuracy and style, so I assume it was okay.

In terms of the sex: the taboo stuff was very detailed, well written, etc., but the regular stuff was quite grey for me. I felt it would have been better if the penetrative stuff also had the same level of attention and detail.

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