The First Time I Cried Over Poetry

Wow. Where to begin. I was dubious about this collection because I don't usually read this style of poetry, but I was blown away by the emotion thrown at you throughout.

I won't split this into sections because it's a poetry book, so I'm just going to talk at you. I also don't usually review poetry, but this warrants your attention. I promise.

The style used in this poetry collection is what's I'm going to cringingly refer to as the 'instagram style'. And it's usually not something I enjoy. I prefer longer pieces with a bit more depth to them. That being said, this collection is so well done. Alone, the pieces don't do much, but put together, they create a seamlessly flawless piece of work about heartbreak. It goes into real depth about losing someone you loved--from slowly forgetting their scent to watching the happy world go by while you're drowning. It's honestly beautiful. But it's something that needs to be read like a book and not a collection of poems. Each one kind of fits into the next like a jigsaw.

It's not without a few hiccups along the way that did pull me out of the zone, and a few of the pieces didn't really gel for me, but overall, this is fabulous collection. It addresses the reader in places, talks to the "character's" lost love, has conversations with itself, and is pretty reflective. I've never cried while reading poetry before, but this did it for me. I sobbed. Hard. My husband found me crying and gave me a hug.

I think everyone can relate to this at some point in their lives, even if you've never really been through romantic heartbreak. We've all lost people. And this is pretty synonymous with loss in general, rather than focusing on romantic loss.

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