Top 3 Funniest Romance Books

Ahhh, comedy. Often paired with romance, it's one of the beauties of reading the genre. It's also something I can't for the life of me write. I'm just not a funny person. So I'm in awe of these writers who can just pump out hilarity like it's the CO2 they exhale. With ease and without thought.

And where would this blog be without this first instalment? Heart Hassle Saga by Raven Kennedy. A hilarious reverse harem romance that will have you giggling from start to end. The female main character is a cupid, which straight off the bat paves the way for hilarious Flirt-Touches and Lust-Breaths that she uses to cause insanity, including but not limited to an orgy in a cinema and some purposefully awful matchmaking. But here's the clincher, folks: she invisible. Yup. She can't touch herself, others can't touch, see, or smell her. So there's lots of yelling at random people, insulting bad pick-up lines, and loneliness. That is, until she manages to land herself in a whole new world. In this world, people still can't see her, until something goes horribly wrong. And then everyone can see her. Including the three gorgeous men she falls into from the sky. So what's a newly visible cupid to do? Tick things off her list, of course. Scratch that itch she's had for the last few decades, have her own orgy, etc. Join in on her new life. I promise you won't be disappointed.

The Hitman's Guide to Falling in Love is a gay romance with one insane hitman and a particularly nonplussed detective. The hilarity in Leland's internal chatter and inability to shut the fuck up is up there as one of my favourite things about any comedy I've read. This is a mystery detective romance with a detective-falls-in-love-with-the-assassin trope. Basically, it's everything I live for in mystery romance. The opening scene to this book is the detective getting stuck on a fence he was trying to stealthily climb and showing his ass to the world while he hung there for a little bit; Leland was scoping the place out and zoomed in on the detective's ass. Cue romcom. There's a scene where they fall through a sex swing mid-use, where they make a hilarious show at a family dinner in front of the detective's homophobic mother, and Leland leaves mountains of sex toys in his car for the police to find during a search. Yes, there is lots of funny moments in this.

I am not sure whether Den of Vipers should be on this list, since it's dark as fuck and is honestly one of the more sexually gruesome books I've read. If you know what scene I'm talking about, then you know. This is the only book where I've put the story down mid-sex scene and gone 'nope'. I skim read the rest of that scene. That being said, Den of Vipers is also hilarious if you don't get caught up in the morality of what the characters do. Roxy, my main bitch, is a gothic Harley Quinn, and yes, I have a huge crush on her. Don't judge me. She wants to spruce up the house by adding skulls to the walls, carries a baseball bat with her everywhere, and isn't afraid to fuck people up who get in her way. Including the guys. Diesel, one of the love interests, is absolutely crazy. I dare you to find me a character more insane than him. He carries his grenades in a unicorn bum bag around his waist. Everything about this book is gruesome, dark, crosses all kinds of lines of consent, but is hilarious as fuck. If you go in with a light mind and not a judge one, you'll find a work of art beneath its pages.

That's all for today! But thank for reading about my funny times and laugh times, even if some of them are a bit on the dark side. What am I saying? Den of Vipers makes Darth Vader look like a baby toy.

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