Turmoil-Fuelled Love

I know we're not supposed to write books where 'love cures all' is a thing, and although this doesn't fit into that 100%, it certainly has elements of it. But you know what? Love sometimes does help. When we're grieving, when we're hurting, love can be a good, safe place to exist. And sometimes, that's all someone needs to help them through.

Plot and Characters

Rob is an accountant whose parents have just died, and it's his job to pack up the house, get rid of everything, and sell the house. His sister hires him a removal crew to help, but when they show up, Rob recognises one of the guys. From a dating app date gone horribly wrong. Alex is a cute, down-trodden college guy whose father is dying and whose career is on the back burner due to medical bills, hence working for the removal company.

Alex and Rob are both having a few mountains to climb in this book, and there were a few (okay, a lot) of tears shed by me when they reached the peaks. No judgement. This is genuinely a really emotional book.

For this author's very first book baby, it was incredible. A few too many time time skips for my liking, but the characters were so in-depth, the small-town setting was beautifully used, the set-up for (maybe) future books about some of the side characters was well done, and the balance between romance, sex, emotions, and humour was brilliant. I'm thoroughly impressed with Wilder, as usual.

I'm not sorry. I'll never stop fan-girling over Neve Wilder.


This is probably where this book loses one star for me, making it a four-star read. That being said, this is the only Neve Wilder book where I've had this problem, so she's clearly grown into an awesome write after this first release. There were more errors than expected, the writing was quite told, with quite a lot of information dumping, and the detail in the otherwise steamy sex scenes was sometimes skipped over (though in a good 50% of cases, it worked well). Wilder is an expert in writing sex scenes, and her EA, Wages of Sin, and Rhythm of Love series all have phenomenal writing in every aspect: emotion, action, dialogue, description, and sex. And I thought that seeing her growth was beautiful.

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