Four lovers. Four species. One world to save?

The only thing better than having someone who loves you? Having four. 

My memories returned and the horror of my mortal past confirmed, I can’t hide anymore. Not from the world, not from my feelings, and certainly not from the people I’m coming to call family. 

But the world is growing more unstable by the day—the magical communities are picking sides and the humans are growing restless at the early signs of war—so it looks like it’s time for the Horsemen of the Apocalypse to come out of hiding. 

Damn it all to hell. 

Look out world, Horseman of Magic is here!


This is a 120,000-word fantasy polyromance book where the main character will not be forced to choose between their love interests. This book contains lesbian and gay content, excess profanity, a character who can shift their sex (both male and female), is becoming gender and sexually fluid, and who spends a lot of time being an emotional, snarky, swearing badass. Please refer to this book's content guidance page in the front matter for specifics.

Paperback (signed)